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DVT Programs

With hospital stays being shorter, procedures now being done in an outpatient setting, and insurance companies not wanting to pay for blood clot readmissions, it is critical that you have a DVT prevention program that meets the demands of the changing healthcare environment.

VHS has partnered with Currie Medical to offer DVT prevention pumps to the following markets:

Hospitals- Is your contract up for DVT and thinking about making the switch? Give us a call to see why Currie Medical is the right choice as your next DVT supplier.

Surgery Centers- Are you currently using DVT pumps at your surgery center or are considering it? Give us a call to hear about the various programs we offer. As the distributor partner for Currie Medical, we eliminate the middleman to save you money on your DVT expense.

Outpatient- Considering DVT pumps for your total joint replacement patients? Give us a call and we can discuss the various programs we offer to assist you with your DVT prevention protocol.